Curtain Break

fresh linen sheets covering up musky primal needs laundering could not clean from the sheen of our lips drowning in daylight’s absence allowing us to forget or at least misplace the flaws in our flesh’s fate tied in a billowing ivory palace mingled in wafts of water lily we could believe such a state would never end until thru a break in curtains reality broke in ~ GrowL          


most say show me something beautiful but you say, show me something beautiful that was taken away a loss of the precious replaced with pain show me the alabaster scars that refuse to heal raised shiny tight sections of skin brushing up against life bursting open again hot and flowing as if fresh bringing with them powerless pulsating inside a shrinking chest squeezing that which it encages iced crimson blood mixed with flashes of surrendered rages show me those moments you say when struggle was futile and you lay frozen counting the stages when screams for God went unheard, by…

Word Dolls

  More than sentiments words strung into sentences paper dolls hung on the wall cut from the news forgotten into balls these words are what have come from all the beauty evils done all the life hung, out to dry in the sun’s beaten sky, damped by inked rain but left here to be spoken all the same                


Doves of different colors settling on a stoop Metal railing reaching climbing up to you Rust red bricks counting the steps Skyscapers washing the sound of water drips Perhaps at the top we will meet I couldn’t bear alone a fall so steep. -GrowL